Who is it for?

  • For managers to monitor their goals with multiple angle indicators.
  • For project managers to easily keep track of all present and past project budgets, timelines, expenses and workforce allocation.
  • For finance analysts and accountants to accurately budget from project data.
  • For human resource managers to help them correctly record their outsourced resources' wages.
  • For freelance professionals who work by the hour to automatically calculate the exact sum to bill to their clients.

About Qcron

Qcron will allow for project management in several different aspects (time, costs, resource allocation, etc.) becoming a great tool for managers to make the right decisions based on hard facts.

Qcron is a web based application that can be used from any workstation with internet access. It was developed using Ruby on Rails, a very flexible and exciting technology, which allowed us to use multiple Web 2.0 features resulting in a very user friendly solution.