Who is it for?

For managers

To monitor their goals with multiple indicators.

For project managers

To easily keep track of all current and past projects’ budgets, timelines, and workforce allocation.

For finance analysts and accountants

To accurately budget based on project data.

For human resource managers

To help them correctly record the wages of their outsourced resources.

For freelance professionals

Who work by the hour to automatically calculate the precise amount to bill to their clients.


  • Web-based
  • Easy setup
  • Detailed dashboard
  • Employee utilization analysis
  • Budget analysis
  • Excel exports
  • User friendly time sheet recording
  • Automated remainders
  • Client/project management
  • Resources seniority recording
  • Analysis of absenteeism

Web-based Accessible from anywhere with Internet connection.

Manage your projects from anywhere while allowing collaboration from around the globe. Enjoy the benefits of a totally web-based hosted solution and keep focus on your projects -not infrastructure.

Very easy to use and set up.

Up and running in seconds! Sign up now, follow the steps of our Wizard, and get your Qcron account running. Once registered, you'll be presented with pre-loaded information you can use as basis for your configuration.

Detailed dashboard, with quick performance indicators.

Was the project underallocated? Were there too many people involved? Analyze resource allocation using detailed reports.

Employee utilization analysis.

Was the project under-allocated? Were there too many people involved? Analyze the resource allocation using detailed reports.

Budget analysis.

Even if the project is delivered on time, it's important to keep an eye on the budget. Enjoy the budget analysis tool and ensure that everything is under control.

Excel exports.

Export reports to the widely used Excel formats. Excel reports can be great to make a richer analysis of costs and effort of a project.

User friendly time sheet recording.

By providing an easy-to-use and friendly interface for time tracking purposes, users will now enjoy the often boring task of loading their timesheets. Even more, our AJAX features make timesheets unique.

Automated email remainders.

Even with our great timesheets, some users may still forget to load their efforts. No worries! Qcron will send an automatic reminder inviting them to fill out their daily timesheet. And if this is not resolved promptly, Qcron will also notify the manager.

Client/project management.

An easy-to-use administration panel allows you to manage your clients and projects. Just create a project, add some phases, and start managing it.

Resources seniority recording.

Keep an eye on your co-workers’ progress by tracking how long they have been using a tool, or doing a single activity. Qcron will assist you on knowing the skill set of your company at any time.

Analysis of absenteeism.

Absenteeism is an early indicator of employee turnover. Keep an eye on absenteeism and be able to take preventive action.


Every screen in Qcron welcomes the opportunity to send feedback. Besides, you can email us at feedback@qcron.com.

Not yet, but it will in the next months.

We can include your language into the application based on the translation you provide us with. Please send us an email to feedback@qcron.com with your request and we will contact you to coordinate the translation details.

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